The Ugly Face of Science - David Robert Grimes, Steven Novella, David Gorski

THE UGLY AND UNACCEPTABLE FACE OF SCIENCE David Robert Grimes / Steven Novella / David Gorski The long read: an in-depth analysis of the problem Author biography: I studied Biological Sciences at Oxford University, and I live in Vancouver, Canada .  Please donate to support my efforts to protect public health and good science at: CONTENTS OF ARTICLE Summary Prologue Part 1 – Introduction Part 2 – Introduction to DRG and Cancer Research Part 3 – ‘Six Stubborn myths about Cancer’, revisited Part 4 – Critique of DRG’s follow-up article on Cancer Part 5 – Summary of inaccuracies and logical errors of Grimes, Novella, and Gorski Summary David Robert Grimes receives funding from Wellcome Trust , and is endorsed by " Sense About Science ". Wellcome Trust has deep connections to the pharmaceutical industry - both in its origins and today - as reported by the BMJ [see: ]. "Sense Abo