The Ugly Face of Science - David Robert Grimes, Steven Novella, David Gorski

THE UGLY AND UNACCEPTABLE FACE OF SCIENCE David Robert Grimes / Steven Novella / David Gorski The long read: an in-depth analysis of the problem
Author biography: I studied Biological Sciences at Oxford University, and I live in Vancouver, Canada
Part 1 – Introduction
Part 2 – Introduction to DRG and Cancer Research
Part 3 – ‘Six Stubborn myths about Cancer’, revisited
Part 4 – Critique of DRG’s follow-up article on Cancer
Part 5 – Summary of inaccuracies and logical errors of Grimes, Novella, and Gorski
Summary David Robert Grimes receives funding from Wellcome Trust, and is endorsed by "Sense About Science". Wellcome Trust has deep connections to the pharmaceutical industry - both in its origins and today. "Sense About Science" has been funded by the pharmaceutical industry and by Coca-Cola - yet fails to disclose these conflicts of interest, as reported in The Times. David Gorski has received funding fr…